Sunday, 26 September 2010

Commander of Tropical..

The 'Tropical' sound has been arriving in different forms over the last couple of years or so. It's great because it seems to really put a smile on everyone's face. It can be fun without sounding tacky or comical. I'm only really just getting into it myself and I certainly don't have enough music yet to curate a 'Tropical' set. For me, there seems to be something quite infectious albeit irritating about steel drums & wood blocks. It's fun and catchy at first, but then it can make you feel a bit nauseous causing you to get sick of the song after a few plays. 

However, this one by the El Guincho sounds really fresh with a pleasing video to accompany. I hope we can continue to enjoy it.

Video for El Guincho's new single "Bombay" from his new album "Pop Negro" (Young Turks 2010).
Filmed by Canada ( ) directed by Nicolas Rodriguez.

Like I said, I'm still finding out more about the 'Tropical' movement but, if you're a fan of El Guincho, I'm sure you'll be keen on 'Fools Gold' (special credit goes out to mrmr, Alys & D-macLennoxx). For those of you on the more 'funky-housey-percussive' flex, try 'Round Table Knights' and particular favourites of mine 'Breach' & 'Doc Daneeka' who are really coming up at the moment.


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