Wednesday, 31 March 2010


If you're keen on your hybrids like me then this company should have already caught your eye. Originally from L.A, these shoes have been getting great press support from TimeOut Magazine; voted 22nd in their '100 best spring shoes for men' list. As of yet, I haven't seen them stocked widely in the UK (even in size?, which is usually the premiere shoe seller). However WeSC on Carnaby Street stock a limited selection, where I picked up my pair of 'Bentens' (pictured above). If you can afford the postage, then Keep's own website offer a tempting offer on two pairs. I picked up my pair for about 50-60squid some months ago but, all of WeSC's stock are on sale. They were there the other day for £32!
The best part is most of their bird's shoes turn out to be unisex (or close to), so take your pick without the embaressment .

A very good wear; I put a good Techno-stomp into them on NYE and they're still dancing months later..


Monday, 29 March 2010

I'm a hustler...

On a more tongue & cheek tip, Tanka posted this jokes refix up yesterday. It's like waking up and skipping to work pon a 4x4 riddim. If you're feeling a bit low, launch this on your system and see how quickly you're doing backflips down your corridor. Trigger fingers an' all.

Tanka - Hustler Bustler Baby

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Non est factum..

As much as I hate using terms like: 'funky' to describe tracks which have emerged from 09's boom of the afro-house/tribal/2 step hybrid type ish. This militant, synthed-out 'funk'-step cut from Winchhomeboy Mahni falls right into place amidst a culture of really decent housey music at the moment. 'Factum' definately would find itself mid-set; each bar greatly more progressive than the next until we're rewarded with a gully 2nd drop which reminds us why we should be listening to tracks right the way through (penalties for impatience Djs). If any of you have been following the fine work of such producers as Martyn, Joy Orbison, Floating Points & xxxy, you should see the potential in Mahni.

Factum by Mahni

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Hero of the day: Christopher Guest

Most will know him from the cult comedy and self entitled rock band: Spinal Tap. However the multi-talented: songwriter/performer/actor/director deserves big boy props. Any one of his films deserve watching with a bag of butterkist.

M-dog and I watched 'Waiting for Guffman' this afternoon, which was mad decent.

I gotz some of his other films. I can blates lend you some init..


you pay my bills...

If we begin to start counting the amount of blogs the name 'James Blake' has featured in the last 6 months, it would take days. I don't want to go on about how much noise this young producer/vocalist is making at the moment. However..
I was at the LuckyMe night at Cargo a month or so back and was blown away by this refix played during a set by the label bosses: The Blessings.

Destiny's Child - Bills Bills Bills (James Blake remix)

If you're like me, then this should give you monumental feelings of nostalgia; memories of underage discos and ben sherman shirts. Whether this is your cup of tea or not, you can't deny its immense production quality. It's  comfortably loaded with signature Blake synths and twisted vocals.

My sources tell me that this is available on 12" whitelabel. But, it is credited to 'Harmonimix'. So tread carefully.

On the flip is another refreshing twist on Lil Wayne's 'A Milli' (if you get a chance, read Vice magazines review on the rapper's recent album.. hilarious!), which seems to be favourable amongst the DJs for an end of set joker. Receiving support from Appleblim, Ramadanman & Joy Orbison.

Lil Wayne - A Milli (James Blake remix)


If only..

I came across this brand on urban industry and purchased a neat, lightweight cap in the same colour as pictured above. I'm not sure how well known this brand is but it doesn't seem like many UK stores have been able to stock it yet :(. Most of the designs and colours are quite bate but the fonts are reassuringly classic! OnlyNy have got their image right without the need to overcomplicate things.

If  you like your all-american type ish, check out their online store and cop dat shit! (that's if you can afford the postage)

They've included on their site beautiful images of beautiful people wearing their garms.

It just makes you wish you could spend every summer in colourful cotton, drinking 40z on a Ny promenade.


photography by Julian Goldstein

Japan what?

BBC News

This blog has been kick-started due to my recent fondness of watermelons (a fruit which I detested as a kid). I don't see an article more appropriate than this BBC news story addressing 'square watermelons'. Say goodbye to the inconvenient, 'traditional' round shape. Fridges worldwide will welcome the new square.

We paid 6quid for a normal watermelon during carnival last summer. These badboys sell for an equivalent c. £55!

Could you justify the novelty?