Sunday, 16 May 2010

Mahni - Second..

Winchester's future 2-step producer Mahni lays down yet another passionate, synth-driven dancefloor filler. This arrived in my inbox with a claim that he skipped dinner to make this, so it would appear that hunger proves interesting results. Either way, dedication (let's just hope you weren't missing out on any potato waffles, Mahn). No, but seriously, if you're anything like me then this track will have you skipping up-and-down the kitchen with your head in your hands. We are given a dense medley of 'vacuumed' synths and '2010' strings accompanied by MILITANT kick to pick you up! All of which, finished with some signature clicks and crisp snares. Again, I will say this fits correctly with fans of movers like Joy Orbison or Xxxy. It certainly has the potential to be timelessly uplifting!

Second by Mahni

Monday, 3 May 2010

mrmr & martial+

If you're lucky enough to be in Reading town this evening. mrmr alongside myself might well be spinning another eclectic session of cultured flavours at the Oakford Social Club (opposite the train station). It's a tuesday night, following a bank holiday, so don't expect to hear too many rewinds. But no doubt, we'll keep the cleaner & bar staff on their tippy-toes once more! Expect your extra variety meal; Jamaican meets Thai/Scandanavian cocktail inside the ride!