Monday, 19 July 2010


 I have to admit after having the highest expectations of this album when it dropped back in April, like most of my peers I was rather dissappointed. Sadly, the CD has been left to gather dust in the bottom of a shoebox which I used to move out of my Uni' house (i'm not sure if it's even still there!).

Seeing a video like this has made me realise I should probably go back and give 'Flylo' a second chance. This song is beautiful and trust me, the video will make anyone tempted to experiment with DMT. 


Flying Lotus in MmmHmm, featuring Thundercat. Directed by Special Problems. Commissioned by Warp Films. Track taken from the album 'Cosmogramma', out now.

Catch Flying lotus in action at Bestival this year! After all, he is considered to be one of the happiest DJs on the planet. I'll take my chances. Free Hugs.